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10th December 2018 

Personal Training that's Genuinely About YOU

What would you like to achieve? For your body, your fitness, your confidence?
When we work on your fitness, we will set, and reach realistic, rewarding goals together

Do you want a 'turn around' session with a programme to follow at home, or a short course that will set you on the right track to regain your fitness?
Perhaps you play golf, or tennis, or you cycle, or dance, and you need a programme to support your sport, and protect your body from repetitive strain?
You may need a special rehabilitation programme due to illness or injury?
Your goal may be to improve gracefully
Would you like to work alone, or with a friend, or two or three. Or with your partner, or family?

Personal Training that really is about what you enjoy and need, pitched at your level, to achieve the results you want
Take control of how you feel. Become stronger, more energised and coordinated, more toned and flexible, and body aware
For all ages and fitness levels

Contact me (Jo) at [email protected] / 07977 126462 to discuss your fitness goals

Depending on what you enjoy and need, Indoor and / or Outdoor Sessions can include:
Pilates Fusion :

Incorporating Pilates, Yoga and Deep Stretch exercises, to develop strength, deep muscle stamina, tone and flexibility
Super Tone & Stamina:
Shape, tone, strength, stamina, flexibility, and improved metabolism
Intense Stretch:
The ultimate in toning and de-stressing

And for people who love to move to music ... Ballet Tone:
Take your body to a new level every session, and carry the gracefulness with you all week!
and Latin Tone:
Cardio fitness, muscle tone, rhythm, grace and all over strength through Cha Cha, Rumba, Samba and Jive dancing. Nothing works the 'jeans area' like Latin!
Face Dancing:
Why should your body have all the fun? There are 43 muscles in the face that need lift and tone too.
It’s more fun, and more challenging that you might think!

Love the Outdoors? We can work on the beach, in your garden, or anywhere natural from Hayling to Havant.
We can also add POWER WALKING to your programme. A brilliant way to exercise efficiently everyday. And as long as you can walk, you can Power Walk...It's HOW you walk that makes Power Walking effective. The pace is up to you.

Prices for One Person:
Single Session 25
Change Your Body, Change Your Life 5 Session Programme 110 pre paid (5x22)
Prices for Two People:
Single Session 35
Change Your Body, Change Your Life 5 Session Programme 160 pre paid (5x32)
for extra friends add 5 per person per session