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26th April 2019 

Holistic Fitness that's Genuinely About YOU

How do you feel about exercise, and your body?

+ What types of exercise do you like? And what do you really not like?

+ Would you like to work alone, or with a friend, or two or three. Or with your partner, or family?

+ Do you need a 'turn around' session to feel confident enough to go to regular fitness classes, or a short course of sessions that will set you on the right track?

+You may want to improve gracefully (not just get older), and embrace your maturity by feeling better, stronger, and more confident

+Perhaps you play golf, or tennis, or you cycle, or dance, and you need a programme to support your sport, and protect your body from repetitive strain?

+You may lack energy and motivation. Or need a special rehabilitation programme due to illness or injury

I can help with all of these issues, and more... most effectively, and enjoyably

Sessions take place in your home, and (if you like) outdoors
Contact me (Jo) at [email protected] / 07977 126462 for a chat about what we can do to make you feel better!

Prices for One Person:
Single Session 25
Change Your Body, Change Your Life 5 Session Programme 100 pre paid

Prices for Two People:
Single Session 35
Change Your Body, Change Your Life 5 Session Programme 150 pre paid

for extra friends add 5 per person per session