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26th April 2019 

Psychic Support

Are you 'doing everything right', but still feel there's something 'not quite right'?
Perhaps you feel like you're thinking in a bit of a fog?
Or you feel you're not seeing the whole picture?
You might feel drained of energy, but don't know why?

Together, with guidance from Spirit, we can help you see your life, and your possibilities, with deeper perception
Find a clearer way into the future
Gain more energy, and be free of unexplained anxiety

Your Psychic Sitting may include any or all ...
* Tarot Reading & Aura Reading- gain insight into where you've been, where you are, and where you can go!
* Aura Cleansing - your energy field is an extension of you. I can sense and cleanse your aura, giving you more vigour, and inner calm
* Psychic Cleansing - perhaps your blockages are coming from outside you, from other sources. Or there is negative energy in your home. Psychic Cleansing can identify negative energy that may be affecting you, and send it away!

Call Jo on 07977 126462 if you want to chat about Psychic Support
Psychic Sitting in your home - 20