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26th April 2019 

A bit of help when you need it

Do you have someone experienced, qualified, trustworthy, and fully insured who can take an occasional class for you?
Someone to provide a competent, enjoyable class, collect money / tickets etc if necessary, and NOT try to poach your students?
I can cover classes at all levels based on...
Pilates, from Matwork, to Stability Balls, Rollers, Rings etc.
Deep Stretch
Fitness to Music
Ballet, Ballet Tone, Latin Dance, Latin Tone
Cardio & Toning with Equipment

Between 2004 and 2018 I ran my own, very successful community classes in South London.
In all that time I didn't have anyone I could ask to take my community classes when I was ill, or wanted to go to a concert, or celebrate a special birthday, anniversary etc. So I know, about those times when you just wish you had someone who could step in

When I moved to Hayling Island I also ended 14 years of the responsibilities that come with teaching my own classes in halls, gyms etc.
I still teach my favourite classes at Merton Council* in South London on Wednesdays, and in my South London Studio, but nowadays my husband and I are living more flexible lifestyle, and I have 're opportunity to offer occasional relief teaching.

As a former teacher and teacher trainer, I've covered countless classes of all types for colleagues. I love teaching, and variety, so class cover for fitness teachers is perfect for me, and hopefully for you, too

You'll see that I provide Personal Training, and the Beach Pilates Club on Hayling Island - Neither service is competing your Community Classes
The Beach Pilates & Fitness Club is outdoors and randomly timed, depending on the weather ... perfect for people who want something extra when they can fit it in, with no regular commitment
Personal Training is most often chosen by clients with specific circumstances, instead of, or in addition to classes
I encourage people to do more!

Give me a call on 07977 126462 if you want to chat about how I could help you keep your classes and clients going, when you need to, but can't be there.